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"Go the Doggies" - interviews with Mick Stephenson

If ever there was a walking almanac of Bankstown District Cricket and Bankstown suburban history, Mick Stephenson is it.

He has witnessed almost every ball bowled in the Belvidere Cup at his beloved Bankstown Oval - from his spot in 'Bay 13' until he happily relocated to the relative luxury of the upstairs media centre. Here is where he could be heard across the entire field yelling "Go the Doggies" as Bankstown firsts took the field every match. He also pens the Torch newspaper publicity every round for the club - a role in which he has relished for over 25 years. For those that know Mick, he loves a chat. And we interviewed him a few years ago to get his uniquely personal perspective on growing up in Bankstown and how cricket evolved in the region - to become one of the world's leading producers of elite cricketers (and sportspeople).

Here are Mick's interview videos - around 6 minutes each - where Mick chats about the myriad events, people and changes that have taken place in Bankstown. Enjoy the richness and detail and be entertained!


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